Lake Alexandra

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In twenty-first century Australian art there is a unique flowing together of ancient and contemporary practices which draw on diverse approaches and traditions of mapping. Aboriginal and colonial histories of place, which I have documented (in my PhD thesis).This is particularly evident in regard to the Southern Highlands of New South Wales, where I live, and more expansively in the Western Desert of Australia. This has provided examples of distinct knowledge of place.
While the invasion and settlement of those regions considered fertile by the colonists (such as the Southern Highlands) resulted in the widespread decimation of the indigenous population, other parts of Australia were more slowly colonised, allowing the indigenous populations time to adapt to a greater degree. As a consequence, in large parts of Australia an ancient way of knowing the country continues to be practiced. This intimate cosmological and physical knowledge of place has been the driving force behind a contemporary painting tradition, drawn from prehistory, that has influenced artists of European descent (including myself)in subtle and explicit ways.
These mapping paintings are miles apart from the still life and landscapes in my collection which I hope you will also enjoy.